The Popcorn Review


i’m not a crisps (“chips”) person but there is ALWAYS room for popcorn, its light, tasty and delicious and if you choose carefully by going for healthy alternatives you can have it and eat and your cake too! quite literally!

Its absolutely staggering the discrepancies in the popcorn business. Did you know that a standard Large Salt popcorn bucket at the cinema is over 800 calories (more then 1000 if you go for the sweet!) thats a hell-a-va-chunk of your daily dietary intake!

So I thought it would be my duty to do some investigating on the best popcorns out there that we can enjoy for a fraction of the calorific damage.

1. Marks and Spencer Guilt free snacking Popcorn range
These small packets come in at less then 100 calories per bag for the small bags and 120-130 for the standard sizes, and can also be bought in a multipack variety (very handy) I have enjoyed these and they have saved me in some afternoon snacking situations, they are light and do not feel over-processed – however my only sticking point is the smaller multipack packets are quite small and the salt is quite salty (but I quite like that…) still a great widely available go to snack! score 4/5


2. Propercorn Popcorn range
No additives or preservatives,just handpopped corn kernels in olive oil and sea salt. i LOVE this range. It always feels so indulgent having them eventhough packs are less then 100 calories. They are very light, fresh and really satisfying. You can tell its “clean” by its flavour, and it doesn’t give that bloated/over-salted feeling afterwards. Yum yum yummaaaay Score 5/5


3. Tyrell’s ProperCorn

These are the big boys in the game, they do a whole range of “posh” snacks but I love their popcorn eventhough its a bit pricier then other brands. They do big Dorito style party bags which are great to have to share with your friends as an alternative to other party snacks, or a night in watching a DVD! I love this range but I have previously felt this “heavier” with post snack filling/bloating, more so then other popcorns. Still it tastes great and I wouldn’t hesistate to have this especially if catering for a group! Score 4.5/5


4. Metcalfes “Skinny” popcorn range

I’m quite new to this brand eventhough I have heard great things about it! I have tried the sweet’n’salt and for me it was a bit too processed in flavour/too sweet in comparison to other brands I have tried. Its a bit less “light” and more “chewy” then others I have tried, but still I think its a good product that I wouldn’t hesitate trying again especially consdiering its only just over 100 calories for a bag that feels like a HUGE portion for 25g! Score 3.8/5


5. Josephs Popcorn
Now I must admit I have not tried this but it is on my hit list! however its considerably MORE expensive then the other brands, so I wonder what the fuss is all about and will probably get hold of it on a special occasion. Their flavours are also much more exotic, with chocolates and caramels heavily thrown into the mix to give it more confectionary status, which is also reflected in the calorie content sitting besides the special chocolates in my local deli. Watch this space, to be reviewed!


6. Cinema Popcorn

For a long time I thought this was the only place you can have popcorn! It reminds me of bad dates of yester-year (lets no go there shall we!) but there is a certain romance with the cinema date, sharing a large popcorn and cuddling up on those uncomfortable velvet seats. For me, cinema popcorn tastes worser (and becomes more expensive) the closer you get into central London (Leicester Square is the WORST). Stale, over processed and so dry you could possibly choke mid film. Plus not to mention the calories wasted. No thanks, I would prefer to skip it and go straight to late night cocktails! Score 1/5 (1 is for the sentimental value)


7. Home Made DIY popping corn
Delicious, Nutritious, Quick and MUCH Cheaper then shop bought (a 300g bag of popping corn costs less then a Β£1 at my local asian store) just add a measured amount of popcorn kernals into a saucepan with some good fats in there (i like to use a teaspoon of rapeseed oil – warning do NOT use butter it doesn’t work, trust me!) put the heat on and get your lid on top quick! within a minute those bad boys will pop like anything and give a beautiful sound and smell that cannot be beaten! 25g yields a HUGE warm bowlful that you can pimp with sea salt, sweetener, melted butter, or if you are feeling brave can try chocolate chips and cinnamon/chilli powder/paprika ! perfect to sit in front of the TV and watch your favourite shows without an ounce of guilt!

photo (3)

I hoped you enjoyed this post, its the first real “review” I’ve done, all views are my own and nobody sponsored me to bring this to your viewing pleasure πŸ˜›

Whats your favourite snack? What do you top your popcorn with?


3 thoughts on “The Popcorn Review

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Ooo I’m yearning to try Joe & Seph’s too – their salted caramel flavour sounds to die for! I too am a big popcorn fan, I sometimes get hit by wanting to eat tonnes of crisps so instead I tend to pop my own. I also love sprinkling sea salt and nutritional yeast on mine as it ends up tasting cheesy (but some people don’t like it). I do actually love cinema popcorn (I think more for the novelty πŸ˜‰ ) but if I’m super organised I pop my own and take it with me (because not only is cinema popcorn not good quality, it is ridiculously pricey as well)!

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