Thursday Try Outs: Zumba!


Some of you may have seen my guest post over at Poppys Blog on how to overcome “Gymophobia” (aka fear of exercise!) and writing it got me thinking about how much progress I have actually made in this department. Even as recent as 3 years ago I was petrified of working out – I hated P.E. at school, avoiding it by being more “musical” and “academic” then sporty, and then when I went to Uni living in a house of 6 girls (!) didn’t make it any easier.


I now work out on average 4 times a week, which is a HUGE improvement on lassone zumba c every other week! I’m enjoying trying al sorts of exercises so I thought that I would devote a space on the blog to “trying it out Thursdays” – sort of 90s highschool american cheerleader spirit movie-esque, every Thursday I would give my own humble review of a class/workout/exercise that I have “tried out”, to give you the inside scoop and hopefully inspire you to get moving and be experimental in your quest for a fitter and more fabulous life!




Class review: Zumba


I had to start off with Zumba! it is by far my FAVOURITE workout of the week. For those that have been living in a cave

don’t know about Zumba it is a dance workout inspired by latin grooves and a mixture of salsa, reggaeton, samba and hip hop moves. Its fast paced – you are constantly moving, but its the type of class that is adaptable to all ages and stages of fitness level. My way of describing it is to imagine dancing at Nandos! there is a lot of boobie shimmies a bottom wiggling, but it makes for a all over body workout.

The great thing about Zumba is that I honestly don’t feel like its exercise – it isn’t boring* (*walking on dreadmill) and in an hour class you can burn about 500 calories!

I would recommend finding a good teacher that not only pushes you but makes it fun – there is a wide variation in teaching styles, some more orthodox then others. My teacher is notorious for pushing people to the limit (she actually squeals and screams at us!) but thats why I love it. I am guaranteed to not only work up a sweat but feel loads better afterwards – it is such a stress relivier and literally you can dance your troubles away after a long slog at the office!


So thats the first of Thursday Try outs! I hope you liked it!l Otherwise everything else is going very well – I will do a bit of a catch up life foodie post soon! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂






3 thoughts on “Thursday Try Outs: Zumba!

  1. littlelondonyogini says:

    Only tried zumba once and I didn’t really like it… found it a bit too repetitive and the teacher didn’t really tell you what to do, just expected you to be able to follow her with no instruction. Was a free Sweaty Betty class though so maybe that is why! x

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