for the love of quilting!

Hi everyone!

if you follow me on instagram you will know that I have another hobby lurking in the shadows of my health and fitness journey – quilting!

it started many years ago, i learned from my mum at a young age how to knit (yes I was that kid at primary school in the playground knitting…!) but my hobby took a back seat as I became older. A couple of years ago, I went to a beginnings sewing course in trendy clapham and I honestly had so much fun and the time just flew by! However sewing garments felt a bit too scary for a beginner like me, so when the most amazing new haberdashery opened up nearby to me I just had to try out one of their courses! I remember going to this patchwork quilting course that I had accidentally booked after a full night shift, but I didn’t care! it was so much fun and I was hooked. I love the creative outlet this hobby provides me, the infinite possibilites and that its the perfect relaxation for indulgent “me time” (more on that soon!) Another awesome bonus is that when I’m doing crafts such as knitting and quilting, I DON’T SNACK OR OVEREAT! its like the perfect antidote! instead of being zombied out in front of the TV after work chomping away on whatever i can find, i pick up my knitting/get to the sewing machine and I’m good for hours without distraction! (see – it is related to my weightloss journey somehow!)

When I went to York in March I was lucy enough to stumble upon the Quilters Guild Museum. It was amazing! quilts that were over 200 years old on display, and I was so astounded how modern they all looked in their designs – so abstract!




So to take my hobby to the new level I joined the London Modern Quilters Guild this year. They are an amazing talented group of London locals that get together once a month in a lovely Pub in Belgravia, and we have a "show and tell" where we get to share our current/finished projects and usually some sort of teaching segment with Sunday lunch after and more chatting. I love it! I'm fairly new to the group but I've loved meeting new people and making friends with likeminded people plus being in the presence of very experienced and talented quilters! They also make charity quilts for the London Brompton Hospital which i *love* – You can find out more about them here:

Ive made a few different things – one finished comic quilt, one spring quilt top (to be finished) and 2 portable baby changing mats (both have been gifted)



At our last meeting I was invited to take part in the Heals Challenge. Heals is an old London institution Department store on Tottenham Court Road. Back in the day they stocked fabrics however this stopped moons ago. With the recent surge in interest, Heals are producing an exclusive own-brand fabric collection again. VERY exciting! Check out this link for their interesting history!

I got my hands on some beautiful sample and thought what could a beginner like me make – easy ! – I made a London oyster (travel) card holder ! was tired of looking at my boring freebie ikea one. It was a lovely afternoon project, and although a bit "shabby chic" around the edges I do love it, and it is certainly one of a kind!



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