Siam summer memories

Hi everyone!

Well I’m back from the delicious Thailand! it was a complete trip, and its taken me a good week and a bit to get back into my London brainwaves!

My Grandma grew up in Singapore (fun fact) and I have so much family scattered all over South East Asia, spending most summers in Malaysia/SriLanka so whenever I’m back in the tropics it feels like a second home. I love the vibe and the lifestyle and its complete polar opposite of the uptight London grind.

As with most holidays it was unplanned and unscheduled, which I love. The last thing I want abroad is a “to do list” and activity schedule. Since we had been two years ago we had done all the touristy temples thang, so this break was just about going with the Siam Flow!

We started off in Hua Hin, what was once a Royal Getaway seaside village 4hours south of Bangkok. We mooched on the beach and in the pool adjusting to the time zones for 4 days, before getting a bus in the bustling metropolis of BKK!

As with all good holidays – I was too busy in the moment I hardly took any pictures on my SLR, and the ones i did were so random.

My favourite moments were (in no particular order) vintage shopping with my husband, gorging on matcha ice green tea frappe (recipe coming soon!),coconuts, mangos, the best dimsum in chinatown! the juiciest lychees in the world, monsoon rains in chatuchak market, finding the most amazing vintage movie poster guy, yoga at Como Shambhala, dining for our anniversary on the 61st floor open air restaurant, and the taste sensations heaven of tom yum soups, thai curries, papaya salads, mangosteen, seafood galore, pad thai… i could go on and on forever! (if you hadn’t guessed… I LOVE FOOD)










im happy to report that I managed to still eat vaguely healthy and even work out abroad. It was an effort, and I went through a hell of a lot of internal dialogue about body (in)security and fluctuating weights on and off the aeroplane. For those interested, there was a month between my official weightwatcher weigh ins and I gained only 2 lbs in that month, inclusive of my 2 weeks abroad. Even though it was “just two pounds” my mind had me believing it was more like 20 (!) I think I was caught off guard because i was *so on* before i went away, with my strength routine so tight – and the complete lack of structure on holiday totally threw me. I honestly could write a novel about this, but for the purpose of todays post I shall just say that we shouldn’t let a couple of pounds come between friends – and when I mean friends, I mean between you and yourself. We shouldn’t be beating ourselves up for gaining a bit on holiday, or have a special occasion ruined because you are having a “F** day”. You are more then just the weight loss or gain. I’ve said it before but losing two pounds doesn’t make you a “better” person, nor does gaining two make you any worse. Whatever your size, your shape, your weapon of choice in your journey – you are love and so full of blessings and beauty – don’t you forget that!

We are back in full flow, eating healthy and working out everyday – keep posted as I will be sharing more about my weight loss journey this Summer here, as well as my twitter (@goodphatblog) and instagram (@goodphat)

Peace out!
– x –


3 thoughts on “Siam summer memories

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Your photos are incredible! I know what you mean about it feeling like a ‘second home’, can often just ‘slip’ into life there and feel so at ease 🙂 Love your ending message too – yes everyone is so much more than a number. A number is just a self-inflicted ‘prison’ so glad that you can see past that! x

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