Healthy Summer Drinks !

Hey everyone
My goodness its hot in London town. Too hot if you ask me, I just can’t handle it! it is such a rarity to get anything above 25 degrees that we are not equipped with good enough air conditioning anywhere, so that means most of us are a hot phat mess!

When you think of Summer drinks and treats, what comes to mind? 99flakes softwhip icecream? frappuccinos (with extra cream) ? McFlurrys? Milkshakes? Pimms? slushies? All these are fab options, but not so fab for the waistline (trust me, I have learned following years of “scientific research” – subject – me!)

So now I’m on this weight loss health journey for the long haul, its all about making what I have loved in the past work for me to suit my new lifestyle. Although I’m all for the occasional special treat, I did some experimenting and came up with 3 delicious healthy summer beverages that will not only keep you cool, but on track too!


1. Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino fact. But do you know how many calories are in those bad boys?! and thats even before the cream. yeesh. When we travelled around Thailand ice green tea frappuccinos were everywhere (even on the starbucks menu!) I just had to come home and figure out how to make it myself, and I have a fool proof, fuss free, awesome alternative! Matcha Green Tea is quite in “vogue” now; its basically the superhero of green tea full of antioxidants, but be warned, it gives you a real natural energy boost and buzz that you will find you won’t need your morning coffee anymore!

You will need:
some matcha green tea powder (a little goes a long way)
sweetener of your choice (have made with regular sugar and agave both work good)
1 tsp vanilla extract
milk of your choice
lots of ice, ice baby!

I make mine using the Blendactive Breville Blender or any Blender will do. You could also have this easy over ice, that would be equally refreshing but blending the ice gets it really milkshake-y! I love the Blendactive – Its very powerful so easy to use and take on the go, plus it doesn’t take hardly ANY space on the counter top and is perfect for portions for one (especially if you are like me and always end up with smoothie excess using a regular blender) All you need to do is put all the ingredients into a blender and BLEND! Its done in a matter of seconds.


2. Cold press ice coffee
I cannot even believe how simple and effective this is! Cold press is all the rage at the mo’ because eliminating the heat process saves the beans quality resulting in a purer fresher (and less bitter) coffee! For a Java lover like me its too hot to have my usual skinny cappuccino, so this is a wonderful option to get your caffeine hit!

What you will need
Cafetiere/French Press ( i use the Bodum )
Ground coffee of your choice (monmouth is fantastic if you can get your hands on it)
milk of your choice
sweetener and vanilla (optional)

Put about 4 heaped tablespoons of ground coffee into your french press and add cold water (yes cold, we are cold pressin’!) put the plunger down a little to press it slighty but not completely just so it touches the surface of the coffee. It will now need to steep overnight in the fridge. Have a lovely sleep and in the morning push the plunger down on the french press. You will have a thick, ice cold coffee syrup ! Pour an espresso shot into a glass of ice and top with milk, et voila! the most perfect not to mention healthy ice coffee!


3. Luscious Earl Grey Ice Tea

Sometimes even coffee is too heavy and you just need a lovely cup of tea! Ice Tea is so refreshing and SO easy to make. My husband makes it *the* best ice tea and i’m still trying to pry out his secret! I have tried lots of different teas but so far my favourite is Earl Grey. The fragrant flavour fits so well on a hot summers day, mmmm, I want some now!

You will need
Earl grey tea bags (4bags is good for a pitcher)
sweetener / lemon (optional)

Simply brew a big pitcher of plain tea, with lemon and sweetners if you wish, and let it cool. Once cool add a bucket load of ice and shove into the fridge for a few hours to chill. Serve the amber goodness in glorious sunshine, nothing can beat it (and for virtually zero calories!)

What is your favourite summer drink? I hope you like these ideas, let me know what you think!


One thought on “Healthy Summer Drinks !

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Ooh definitely going to try the matcha fraps, hadn’t crossed my mind to do this despite being a massive fan of matcha lattes! My favourite summer drink so far this year is grabbing a few handfuls of watermelon and blitzing it with ice (no extra water needed!) to create a watermelon slushy. Yum! Xxx

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