All about that bass (booty booty)

Hey lovelies

firstly I just wanted to say thank you very much for the lovely comments and chats since my last post. I was really overwhelmed with the positive feedback I received, and I seemed to “strike a chord” with a lot of people. Its funny. I was very unsure of posting and half convinced myself not to, for fear of judgement or that I would be the only person feeling that way – but I’m happy to say that that wasn’t the case. 

So yeah – good stuff! 

I also feel quite awkward giving advice, because Lord knows I’m no expert! Everyday is a struggle (particular the weekends) and I’m learning I have always got to be on my grind. Somedays I just don’t feel like it, and for whatever reason I’m discouraged – but I remind myself how far I’ve come, and I squeeze a little “be proud of yourself” juice to keep me going. Something that has helped me is taking each day one day at a time. An old friend on the weightwatchers blog coined the phrase “one day diet”. He lost a hell of a lot of weight taking one day at a time. Focussing on drinking his water for the day (check), having some greens (check), tracking my points (check) and having a little treat (check). Instead of thinking OMG i have 60lb to lose to get to a ‘normal” BMI (what IS that, anyway) its better to break it down. I only look as far as the next silver 7 (half a stone), and even that is daunting to me so I break it down into losing 3s and 4s. I treat myself to a gift every mini goal, even if its just some make up, new quilting fabric or a book. My last gift was the NARs multiple stick which I had wanted for months, and it felt GOOD when i finally got it after reaching my weight loss mini goal! 

But i digress, this is turning into a weight loss advice post – which wasn’t what i intended but maybe there is scope for that in the future (when I reach my next goal)

I gotta say this song is super cute and super positive. It reminds me in a “shoo-bopp” kinda way that being curvy is super beautiful, adorable and desirable! 

I just wanted to remind myself, as well as others, that there is nothing wrong with curves. When on a weight loss journey we strive for “a normal BMI” its too easy to become fat-a-phobic! there such a huge emphasis on weight loss and being a lean clean high protein machine. Its easy to self critique every nook and cranny of your body, pinching and poking at every flab and wing and say “I’m trying to lose weight – why wont *this bit* go!” I want to be healthy, and I want to be curvy, and true to my natural womanly shape, and that works for me. I don’t know how i will look at the end of this journey – but I’m not going to hate myself until I get there, and nor should you.

Keep striving to love yourself.
Strive for true self acceptance co-existing with constant change – thats the fiddly bit!
Know that you are more than your dress size, or the number on the scale that particular week. Work on liking the person inside, treating your body as a temple, and who you see on the outside will follow

(….and if all goes tits up you are just having one of those days, just Smile, Shake that booty booty and know that tomorrow is a new day!)


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