“Effortless” weightloss doesn’t exist

Effortless weight loss doesn’t exist.

Yeah. I said it.




I’ve talked a lot about staying on your grind on the daily – how everyday you need to wake up and grab your propoints/nutrition/calories/macros by its balls and drive forward! – what a lot of people outside of the “dieting” world (again I use that lightly) don’t realise is that staying on your grind (i.e. being consistent) takes a lot of effort. The hustle can be tiring!

Some describe it as motivation, but I know for me I can have the motivation up in my brain all day everyday, but it can be a philosophical, airy fairy headspace

effort in contrast is something you can touch, you can feel, real tangible action, something you can hold and put a label on it. Moving your body, working out, prepping your meals, stocking your cupboards and fridge with good things – this all takes honest behavioural effort and is essential for true consistency and ultimate success.

So then I realised the link – the link between fatigue and effort. It makes total sense that when you are tired and exhausted – your “effort fuel tank” is running on empty, so you don’t have that all important energy to do things that require effort and in turn keep you on track – isn’t it true that when you are exhausted from a long day at work or busy with the kids/family that its those moments of weakness that you reach for the takeaway on speed dial? i know that had me written all over it !

I used to “fail” at weight watchers and trying to lose weight in general because my life was soooooooo overwhelmingly busy and hectic, I was constantly fatigued (and I didn’t realise it) I never had the time let alone the energy to devote to something as demanding as weight loss!

So something i’ve realised is that an essential part of my journey, away from the nutrition and exercise, is about looking after myself and ensuring I top up my fuel tank on a regular basis so I’m not at risk running on empty. So sleep, rest, and time for me is REALLY crucial for me staying on track.

I just want to share a quote with all of you that really hit a cord with me last night – its from the Hemsley and Hemsley Cookbook and I adore it because it summarises all of this so beautifully:

“Nothing changes overnight, no day is the same and we cannot always be perfect in our busy lives. No one is judging you, so be kind to yourself. Make changes where you can, adopt some positive new habits and enjoy the benefits and the feeling a better version of you.”

I still believe there is no such thing as effortless weight loss. Putting effort in doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, it just means that every meal, every day, every week, you commit to trying, and that is all you and anyone else can ask for. Stay on your hustle and keep moving forward!

We got this!



One thought on ““Effortless” weightloss doesn’t exist

  1. Amy @ForDGRedial says:

    Love this! I have really committed 2014 to getting myself to a healthier place. But I knew it was never going to quick or easy. Cannot wait to watch us both get to our goal weights during our 30th year!!

    Amy x

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