Turning 30 in Dubai

Happy new year lovelies! some of you that follow my instagram will know that I was whisked away quite last minute to Dubai to celebrate my 30th Birthday and Christmas – it was fabulous!

Dubai is the perfect winter getaway as the flight from London is not to long but not too short either, yet you get plentiful of sunshine and heat (27 degrees average!) It has a lot of glitz and glamour but there are also glimmers of more authentic traditional Arabian nights to be had if the “new money” vibe isn’t your thing. Its a fascinating blend and I had a wonderful time mixing up the best of both worlds, and had fun dressing up everyday and turning 30 with style! It was the much needed break we needed, and was a chance to to rest and relax in preparation for the year ahead.

Despite all the lovely treat foods – I was able to stick to my healthy eating regime as Arabian food is actually pretty healthy! I lived on grilled meats and tabbouleh (parsley salad), and ate my body weight in olives, hummus and halloumi! Of course it was my 30th Birthday, so I did indulge in some rather naughty decadent treats – YOLO right?!


My birthday is on Christmas Eve (yeah, I know!) so my husband treated me to the most amazing afternoon tea at The One and Only Royal Mirage. It was a fusion of traditional British afternoon tea mixed with Arabian influences (think scones and clotted cream in one hand and rose pistachio patisserie in the other – quite literally!) With unlimited top ups of my teas from all over the world, I think my smile speaks for itself!





After the tea we needed to work it off (!) so we went for a lovely walk around the grounds and then down into the Marina Bay. I love the beautiful moorish architecture on every corner, juxtaposed with the most modern innovative skyscrapers you can imagine!





After hours of walking, talking and being generally silly we walked to the Ritz Carlton for some tapas and cocktails. I got the “gin and botanicals” cocktail which was served in a coffee press! It was absolutely divine but potent as hell, and for someone that hardly drinks anymore I was wiped until Boxing day!



There is so much to do in Dubai, from lazing on the beach, to heading to the biggest Shopping Mall in the World! We wanted to go up the Burj Khalifa but, the tallest building in the world (nearly a mile high!) , but it was completely sold out for our whole duration in advance! Still we were able to appreciate its gravitas from the earth below as we watched the amazing Water Fountain Show.



On our last night we head to the Jumeirah Beach for sunset. It was just magical as just moments away from the beach front is the business downtown hub of Dubai. It was pure bliss, and I even got to see some Camels take an evening stroll!




Dubai was a fantastic break, and I really needed to get away (more than I realised initially!) this year marks a whole new year of new starts for me – new decade, new job, new move and new revived focus on my healthy lifestyle. I’ve been feeling so positive and hopeful about the future, and so proud of everything I have achieved so far. It is true what they say that turning 30 is a huge milestone, and I certainly feel things falling into place.

I cannot wait to see what is in store for 2015!



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