Decide. Commit. Succeed.

decidehello lovelies

I’m currently enjoying a glorious two uninterrupted weeks off work, one spent at home a’la staycation (I do loathe the word but thats what it is) catching up on homely things, working out, meeting up with friends and family & general pottering about in and out of town on errands (imagine me with a scarf around my head in a big full skirt on a bicycle with a big basket and lovely bell – something sort of like that). We are also gearing up for our summer holiday, going to Morocco to the costal town of Essaouira for some lovely relaxation in the Sun and a global Gnawna music festival, with a little Marrakech thrown in for good measure….–> Excited! Even more excited I just found my sunglasses (after searching the whole apartment to see they were in the suitcase from Dubai all along – lol) It is our five year wedding anniversary – hence even more reason to be celebrate! Love definitely is in the air 🙂

This year marks a huge step forward for me, not just in terms of the numbers on the scales, but the confidence in myself and this journey I am on. For the first time in years ever I actually SEE not just an end point, but the whole POINT of all of this. A light if you will, at the end of a long, dark (and somewhat tight) tunnel. Since I started this weight loss malarky about 4 years ago now I’ve lost a total of nearly 50 lb, which is, frankly, a LOT of weight! The good thing is because it has been slow i have not only managed to a) keep it off but b) have minimal loose skin. Having said that I would rather not have to wait another 5 years to lose another 50 lb – I feel now I’m able to achieve my health and fitness goals as its no longer an “add on” to my life, but is an actual living and breathing scooch over I’m getting cosy in the backseat part of my life. Health and Wellness ain’t going nowhere, buddy.

In the last month my actual numbers on the scale have slowed down, a bit of a sticky wicket losing and gaining the same 3 lb. A combination of indulging in foods and streamlining my exercises due to a gruelling new job with long hours.  Despite this, I’ve ploughed through, and my body is beginning to speak for itself. my figure overall is looking leaner, my overhanging gut is virtually gone, my double chins have now gone solo, and I’m generally feeling healthier happier and brighter each and every day. Although I may have not lost much in the sense of pounds, I have lost in terms of inches and my body fat % is down by a huge 5% in just under two months ! i’ve also had some amazing, wonderful and just awe inspiring words of support and encouragement on instagram, my second home (lol). I’m so thankful to the people that notice and/or bother to like or comment – because for me I still see a UK size 22-24 staring at me in the mirror and its hard for me to accept at times, or to be considered “inspiration” to others.

Its even more sweeter for me because this time last year – the May Bank Holiday in fact, I made the decision after much thought to commit to this weight loss journey. I say “After much thought” because actually – it was a hard decision. I was so fatigued, exhausted even, and frustrated with years of bumbling, half heartedly trying to lose weight but never getting very far. I made a decision that day, that I’m either ALL IN or ALL OUT. Both were equally tempting, to be honest – I was that tired of myself. I gave myself the weekend to make my decision and by Bank Holiday Monday I decided to commit to this – to push through with EVERYTHING I got.

One thing I read somewhere is that if you are stuck in a rut was to CHANGE EVERYTHING you are doing. We are creatures of habit. Go through your day and see how many things you do on autopilot. Get out of bed on the same side? brush your teeth in the same direction? poor the same cup of tea into the same favourite mug?… I could go on. I decided that what I was doing wasn’t working, so I had to switch it up. I threw myself (quite literally) into a new workout regime, with the help and guidance of my the Thinner, Leaner, Stronger book by Michael Matthews (amazing book) and later workouts available online. I cleaned up my eating and went orthodox on weight watchers – ie. no cheating on the evenings and weekends!!!

The weight just FELL off me, because I actually was staying true to my word. I was doing exactly what it said on the tin. no bluffing, no excuses, no fluffing. Honest living for an honest lifestyle.

It is true what they say

A year later, you will be thanking yourself you started

SO Where do we go from here? I am going to enjoy my holiday, in moderation, and recharge my batteries to attack when I return. I want to recommit in a way I did last year, realising you always have to keep things spicy and moving forward. I have already planned out a new workout regime, and continuing HIIT when I’m short on time. I’m also going to slap my wrists a little, because I know that for me and my body even just a few key decisions (for example switching from full fat to low fat dairy) help with my weight loss and make the difference for a weigh in result of a pound on vs. a pound off. And yes, I’m pro full fat cheese and chorizo all day long and say no to processed skimmed anything etc – but when you are trying to lose close to 3 stone and love dairy as much as I do, its hard to do so without making some sacrifices. Everything is fine in moderation, unless you cannot handle fine things in moderation, at which case you need to think of that short term pain for a longer term gain (and by gain, I mean a loss!) I’m looking forward to a summer of delicious salads, grilled meats and green smoothies! and before i know it i will have lost those stubborn 6 lb and be not only in the stone below, but 50 lb down since my start weight and a few pounds away from ONEderland !

Anyways I haven’t got much to report – this is just a bit of a blurty wordy post saying where I am now and where i hope to be. I’m off to the gym now, and then getting some last minute holiday things, then a mani-pedi before zipping across for Friday night Dinner at my parents.

Keep up to date with me on instagram @goodphat where I post daily, and will see you very very soon!

Stay on your grind – we got this !


2 thoughts on “Decide. Commit. Succeed.

  1. Chloe says:

    What an inspiring post! I’ve been watching your amazing progress on Instagram. Simon has really been struggling getting back to goal so I read your post to him, we love it! Hopefully it’ll inspire him to do the same xx

    1. poshpiggy says:

      thanks Chloe!!! i wanted to reply to simons blog post on ww today but the website is now down?! i have written another blog post that i hope he and others will find useful today – but if you could pass on the message aswell that i have every faith in him and that he can and will get back to his goal! 🙂

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