Lost and Found


At the moment I’m reading a fabulous book about a Psychotherapists memoirs, as he reflects on people he has worked with in his career spanning over thirty years in London. One of the things he mentions is meeting someone who once said to him “I want to change, but not if it means changing”.

This naturally got me thinking not just about change but about the changes many of us make in trying to obtain or achieve a healthier, and all round more wholesome, lifestyle. To make a change, or decide to change, inevitably means something will be lost, or left behind. We find ourselves needing to let go of our past, to close one door, to allow another one to open. That change can be as small as switching from regular coke to diet, or as big as walking away a relationship or environment that fuels your lifestyle issues.

Regardless of how big or small the change is, as the wonderful Aretha Franklin puts it, a change is gonna come.

i made the decision to change my lifestyle completely, to radically overhaul it from black to white, upside down and inside out. Initially this was (and truthfully, sometimes still is) painful for me because I have had to slowly, yet surely, let go of the person I once was, that I (and others) knew so well, and was everything that I knew. It wasn’t an easy decision! sometimes its easier to coast, to maintain, to drift… to stay the same and not change.

But no – I did it – I bit the bullet, and I know you can too

Everyday, every week and every month I’m discovering a new person almost for the very first time – a new figure, a new energy within myself – which is wonderful, but at times can be also exhausting. When life gets a bit overwhelming, I think we all have the potential to regress a little back into the person we once knew, the safe place, the comfort blanket, the road well travelled. When our energy levels are low, or we are feeling particularly fragile, it is all too easy to “give up” our efforts to change and revert to our old habits.

So where does that leave you, me, us?

Well, although it is certainly true that I have lost a sense of that “old me” through moving forward into the light of a healthier lighter lifestyle, I can tell you that there what I have FOUND in biting the bullet and embracing change is immeasurable beyond words! and it goes way beyond a new wardrobe, its a completely new zest for life! Β The wonderful thing I think about change that is right for you and your body is that it actually feels natural – like an evolutionary process for your soul if you will – its not forced, it just becomes a part of who you are. I don’t actively think “BE HEALTHY BE HEALTHY BE HEALTHY” Like a robot malfunction every second of the day! I just am mindful, but at peace with my decisions as well, and the more I make those wiser choices, the more the positive habits grow, and like a muscle, it becomes bigger and stronger the more you use it!

I’m so thankful that I put faith in my weight loss journey ( faith = putting trust is something you cannot see ) and faith in my new healthier lighter version of myself, because although at times it has been difficult to keep going it is a journey I cherish and wouldn’t change for the world!

So this is my little soap box/ soap blog speech for those of you scared to take that first step into the unknown (or even to take that first step again, and again some more). You might have to let go of something, and there will be a sense of loss somewhere which may cause pain… but trust me that the universe will keep you afloat and moving forward if you take a step of faith and allow it to. Its the ultimate love story of being lost and found in yourself, to you, from you.

You got this – lets keep on our grind and keep going x


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