WIM(G)B – Whats in my Gym Bag?!

Hi everyone!


It is October and the Sun is (just about) shining! yay! This last month for me has been all about immersing myself in a lot of deep thought provoking reading on feminism, body image, multiculturalism, and the complexity of our emotions. I have a good few blog posts / essays in the pipeline touching on those important issues, but for now, lets take a deep breath, paint our nails, grab some tea and indulge in the finer questions in life, like,Β whats in my gym bag?! (haha…)

I know. I know. you all want to know. I would be the first person back in the day to mock a blog like this, but then let me completely real and say I’m also the first person that *loves* these kinds of posts. I’m curious, interested, and frankly just damn right nosey! I think what you carry in your bag says a lot about you, and in this particular case, my journey in the health and fitness journey has also impacted my carry all! it really is deep y’all!

When I first started this journey, I rocked up to JD sports or Sports Direct, somewhere like that, and got myself a massive hot pink nike gym holdall. I still have it and its pretty huge. Its cute, and great for a weekend away Β thrown in the back of the car if you plan on doing ALL the running, swimming, and cycling… but day to day its just NOT doing it for me anymore.

Being a London Underground Commuter who does their best to get to the gym after a long day at work, I have managed, over the years to perfect the art of the minimalist gym bag. I carry just what I need, sometimes less, but never more.

I stumbled upon this awesome adidas drawstring bag online about a year ago, I think for less than a tenner on sale. I was hesitant when Mr Goodphat added it to the cart “… but I’ve got a nike sports bag, and it looks tiny” I cried, with flashbacks of the 90s drawstring chav-tastic school bags revival.

Oh, how wrong was I. The drawstring bag is deceptively spacious, and, most importantly, it tucks in nicely under your knees on a crowded train with none the wiser. No more commuter evil eyes and haterisms as I barge past people being that “bag lady”. Its not heavy, and as its on your bag your arms are free for everything else you have to drag with you all day.

So what is in mine? here is my low down of what I carry

  • One set of gym kit rolled up (leggings, top, sports bra, socks, zip up jacket if feeling it)
  • gym padlock – boring but essential
  • lululemon sweatwicking headband – because i’m so fancy
  • gym membership card (I keep now in my oyster card wallet, so I don’t keep losing it – having said that i’ve lost my oyster card wallet. D’oh…)
  • Gym weight lifting gloves. Hot pink and my babies. Really helps when lifting heavy – gotta keep them hands soft and pretty ladies!
  • Workout diary and pen. its a Tiny black leather notebook. Have a digital on my phone, but like being old school.
  • Spare set of in ear cheap-o headphones, just in case my bluebooth one dies/I forget them
  • Polar HRM and watch (FT4) if I’m being good, but often forget (note to self, put it in the damn bag)
  • A protein ball/bar/snack (bounce balls are small and easy to carry) just for emergencies
  • Swimsuit (only if planning to go sauna/steamroom/swim)
  • Small towel (for during workouts)

I manage to minimalise bulk by wearing my trainers now on my commute, and putting my flats in my gym bag, but I have had days I keep the trainers in the gym bag and its still fine to carry. I also carry a water bottle and over ear headphones which I use for work and fits in my regular handbag.

Slightly gross but I don’t carry a big towel or toiletries. I tend to prefer doing a good work out on my way home, and having a proper shower etc at home, as the gym is about a 10 minute walk from my home.

I have not, as yet delved into the world of Pre-work-workouts since moving jobs into central London this year. I have no problem with waking up early and getting a work out in, its just all the faff of carrying your kit (and towel toiletries and make up etc) all day with you thereafter. I don’t wear much make up, and I have little travel toiletries which would work well even in my adidas drawstring bag.

Work is busy, and i’m thinking of taking the plunge of becoming a morning workout-er… but maybe waking up at the crack of dawn, taking the car there and back… Or, regressing back to the big pink Nike Holdall, and owning my truth being that gym bag girl in rush hour!

But for now, I’m loving my set up and I love my gym bag! it suits me and my lifestyle, and helps me in being the fittest bad ass this side of London!

Whats in your gym bag? Any tips on how to manage gym clutter??

You got this !


3 thoughts on “WIM(G)B – Whats in my Gym Bag?!

  1. pickandmixgirl says:

    I used to carry a massive bag, complete with towel, toiletries and makeup (for yoga before work) but I have since cut down and now put all my makeup in a tiny pencil case, I have invested in a microfibre towel (best thing ever) and just use a small lululemon bag (deceptively roomy). Muji is great for mini tubes and pots FYI x

  2. Steph says:

    I am really impressed with your minimalism! But I can also completely understand why! I am the “and the kitchen sink” variety when I used to have a gym bag (not currently a member of anywhere). I got better at my most recent gym as I lived 5 minutes away, so the showers weren’t worth it, but when I live up north, I belonged to a posh gym and it was totally worth taking ALL THE THINGS.

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