Give yourself a break


The sun is shining, and weather is sweet

Makes you wanna move your dancing feet

*Bob Marley

Hey everyone!

Its been forever, I know, I know…. I know. I will do my best to get on the blogging bandwagon again, but at the same time am not gonna churn them out ten-fold for contents sake! I think you and me both prefer posts that come from the heart, whenever they come out. Since the weightwatchers community form (where I used to blog regularly under my alias as “poshpiggy”) is no more! Alas! so this will be my only form of bloggosphere from now on

My summer has been a bit hit and miss on the weight loss front. i’m sure I have said that before, but alas, I find myself saying it again. (lots of alas’s so far, alas!) 

It all got a bit stressful in the June-July stretch of summer sun. I just couldn’t get a grip! i had no structure whatsoever, which was lovely on the surface of a carefree summer vibe kinda style, but not when you’re trying to lose weight and all your healthy habits you worked so hard on the first half of the year go out of the window!

Partly due to work schedule, and partly due to wanting to have a social life, I was missed my weight watcher meetings more regularly this summer. I think I managed just one the whole of July! This had a negative effect on me, as I lost that sense of accountability, and my caring about what I was putting into my body and my short/long term goals were going further and further into the distance. Then, when I did actually choose to weigh in, I was usually constipated, bloated, uncomfortable (or all 3) and it showed a one pound gain! argh! everytime i stood on the scale, it would show another pound, i was starting to think i was allergic to it!

I got to a strange point where I was feeling pretty underconfident about my weight loss journey, and also thinking to give up this weight loss malarky.

It was then I realised, I needed a BREAK.

A break from the scales, that seemed to have a strange power over me, dictating my mood (good or bad) for weeks at a time. I could be having a good day, then a 1 lb gain would make me feel so defeated! I would then get into a vicious “f*** you” headspace, and “Rebel” against the scale  by scoffing on banoffee pie

as if banoffee pie is going to help (…. i mean…. mmmm it helps, but it doesn’t “help”help)

So I took a break from it all… and for the first week it was rough. i felt lost, dazed, confused.

I realised that I wasn’t happy at my weight. I didn’t like that my clothes had gotten tighter. I didn’t like that I have a rail full of dresses that I had bought purposefully a size smaller, but have never been able to wear, because I’ve never lost the weight to fit into them! I didn’t like the double chin emerging again, and I didn’t like how being more overweight made me feel (physically, mentally, emotionally)

and without being too graphic, I didn’t like being obese in the height of Summer.

cardigans in 30 degree heat.

sweaty grossness.

Thigh rub.

….need i say more? if that isn’t enough to make you wanna lose weight, nothing will!

i’m glad i took a few weeks off – because it was those two weeks that made me realise what i was missing, what i really wanted (not what i thought i should want/others want for me)

i was able to crystalise my goals, create a new vision for myself, and bring some va va voom and spice back into my long term relationship… with myself!

We have only one body, and this body will be with you till the end of your life! there is no deadline, there is no date by which you must have everything done perfectly. your weight loss and health journey is in constant evolution! with twists and turns every way you can imagine! it is completely okay to take time out to figure out what is right for you. you do NOT need to be on a diet everyday of your life!

my since recomitting after my break my last weigh in showed a 3.5 lb weight loss, which is a huge achievement for me (the biggest weight loss i think i have had to date this year!)

it is proof to me that i can lose weight if i remain focussed and dedicated to my journey. i dont have to be “perfect” at it, but i do need to keep going and keep my grind on everyday.

what do you do to get yourself focussed on your journey?

you got this!

Grace x


One thought on “Give yourself a break

  1. klwark21 says:

    Well done in that loss. So much of weight loss is about where our head is. On a good day I would react to a gain by drawing a line and getting straight back to it. On a bad day, I would just eat something silly! I have been coasting a bit the last few weeks. End of summer term was very stressful and it was so hot in France, I had ice cream a few times…..really yummy ice cream…drool! I did a fair bit of exercise, so a pound gain over 3 weeks, as revealed at my meeting in Leeds on Tuesday evening, wasn’t too bad. We had a different leader who is newly qualified. Her message was try something different to help your weight loss for a week and see how it goes – Keep Calm, it’s just for a week was the slogan! So I started proper exercise (as in doing it, not thinking about it!), the next day. I feel loads better and kept to my points. I will stick with this whilst I am here in Leeds.
    I wish you well on your new phase of WW!

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