Good. Bad. Clean. Dirty. FOOD.












These are just a few words that spring to mind when I hear people talk about food. Hell. these words spring to mind even when I just think about food, and when you are at the supermarket/scrolling through instagram/having dinner with friends – I’m sure these words will surface somwhere.

 I’ve found my mind splitting myself literally into two different beings – Good Grace, you tracked today, Bad Grace you ate a doughnut. Welldone Grace, you ate clean this morning. Oh dear Grace. That cheat meal was wrong – and that was a real dirty burger!!! As you can imagine, this constant internal dialogue is confusing and exhausting, adding to the emotional burden already associated with food! And our wellness community doesn’t help either – encouraging obsessional mindsets and promoting these words everywhere we go, and equating nutritional value to moral value and self worth, stigmitising unhealthy “bad” foods and praising “good” virtuous foods instead. 

I’ve been enjoying the vogue wellness series as its been a bit of a soft yolk eye opener about our modern societys attitude to wellness – and I realise I’m not alone in my quest to not get sucked into the vortex of what wellness is sold to us as being. Through my own life experiences I’ve come round 360 to wellness through fitness and learning about healthy eating. I’m still a work in progress (as we all are) but through battling obesity from a young age, I’ve had to navigate the masses of information, fads, and trends surrounding becoming healthier and losing weight.

So through the world of instragram, I follow and connect with a lot of different people, eating different ways and exercising in different ways too. In my own way, I’ve created what works for me that goes beyond calories tracked or miles run.

so in case you have fast forwarded through so far – wanna lose weight quick? (lol)

try this:

a. embrace BALANCE

b. live in JOY



Balance (physically, mentally, emotionally and physiologically) plays a huge factor in our day to day lifes. If we fall out of sync/ imbalance in our sleep, our work/life “balance”, or even in our relationships and various “life roles” (as a mother/daughter/colleague/friend) we instantly know it in our brain and feel it in our bodies. We may feel stressed, sluggish, or even completely wired; almost “too” focussed.

Something I’m trying to aim for more of in my life is balance – starting small with the balance on my plate (in terms of my portions and what I choose to eat) balance with my time (giving myself space to pray/to rest/to move) and observing the careful balance of connection vs. disconnection


now the words we started with at the top of the screen were not all joyous. some feel so overused and dare I say dated. to the point if i see one more #cleaneating I think I might just puke. If i’m totally honest, as much as I love the wellness community on social media, I’m noticing more and more the pressures it has created within itself to be a reflection of perfection. the almond matcha latte has to look *just* right. the lighting on the buddha bowl has to be perfect. the yolk has to be so good to make it #yolkporn. All of this, while beautiful to look at, is not real life. Now, I love to photograph food as much as the next blogger, but my reasons doing so are probably slightly different (I use my account more as a online food/fitness visual diary, so not too fussed about presentation) however I’ve consciously decided to focus less on taking photos of my food, and more on actually enjoying what I’m eating and the joy in its preparation and digestion, and be more mindful of the portion of what I’m eating and why I’m eating it there and then.


ah, consistency, that ol’ chesnut. A bad meal does not a bad week make, and likewise a “good” result at weigh in is not an excuse to slack off the rest of the month!!.. Consistency is something I particularly struggle with, as it draws on superpowers for the long-term game. Consistency goes against the grain of our quick-fix instant world; we have become such an inpatient species, that for things to take actual time, effort and discipline prolonged over days/weeks/months (and years) is something alien to a lot of people. For me, I’m learning a little everyday that this is not a diet but a lifestyle – and as much I’m an advocate of “the daily grind” I also want to get to a place where keeping “on track” isn’t a labourious, exhaustive grinding teeth kind of experience! and for that to happen, your healthy lifestyle, routines, and choices have to intuitive and realistic, but practiced daily so it becomes natural as brushing your teeth!

what are your feelings about your wellness journey ? 

what does wellness mean to you?

REMEMBER: You got this!



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